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No Insurance No Problem 

Most Insurances Accepted

No Insurance No Problem – Most Insurances Accepted

Addiction Recover Treatment

Successful Addiction Recovery Starts Here

Struggling with an addiction to opioid painkillers can be devastating. In many cases, effective and professional addiction recovery is an essential step for getting clean.

Our clinic offers the kind of addiction treatment that leads you to successful recovery using a variety of steps of proven methods.

Our professional, experienced staff is ready to take your hand and lead you towards the path of recovery and freedom from your addiction.

Salson Clinics

Even Though Your Body is Suffering

Long term opioid use has devastating effects on the body. Despite these serious detriments, many people addicted to harmful substances continue using them.

Opioids have a dramatic impact on the brain. The brain has protein receptors opioids attach to, causing the brain to become dependent; making this specific type of addiction harsh, and difficult to break.

Our clinic offers a variety of medications to help break your addiction and gently diminish your body’s dependence on the drug.

Salson Clinics

You Do Not Have to be Afraid of Addiction Treatment

Struggling with an opioid addiction can be life altering. It is a prison that takes control of your brain in a physical manner.

Your brain has opioid receptors that cause you to become physically addicted, making it extremely hard to withstand your cravings. Even more so, the withdrawal symptoms can be painful and hard to conquer on your own.

Call us for the addiction help you can count on, helping you reach the road to recovery, regaining the control and freedom over your life.

When the Going Gets Tough

Struggling with withdrawal symptoms can be painful, both physically and emotionally.

We have counselors and in-house treatment programs on hand, offering a compassionate and reliable support system during the hardest times of withdrawal and recovery.

We follow a twelve step guideline formulated to make every step easier and more effective.

Salson Clinics
Salson Clinics

Addiction & Recovery: Take Control of Your New Lifestyle

For some people, being overweight and generally unhealthy is a direct result of an addiction; particularly and addiction of opioid pain killers. Our clinic offers addiction support through a supportive methadone clinic, professional counseling and in-patient treatment options.

We also provide our patients dealing with addiction the option of medication supported recovery using the drug SOBOXONE Film. Recovering from an addiction under our supervision is attainable, and a path you can count on to help you walk into a clean, drug-free life.

Your Cravings to Opiates M.A.T. ( Medication Assistance Therapy )

Cravings are often the reason you cannot stop taking opiates on your own. Your brain receptors are causing your dependency; so we provide in-clinic dosing of Suboxone. Our professionals can provide you with the necessary treatment you can count on for subduing your cravings during withdrawal and recovery.

If you are tired of living your life controlled by addiction, we can help. Our addiction recovery programs are geared to carry you to a drug-free, clean life. Never look back at the stronghold of your addiction. Start now and you will be glad you did.

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